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Kidney stone surgery in India helped me to recover at a pocket friendly cost budget

Mr. Musa, Nigeria
Kidney Stone Surgery

Hello my name is Musa from Nigeria. I got my kidney stone surgery in India through Indian Healthguru. I was having kidney stones and was desperate to get it removed through surgery. I got to know that I cannot conduct my surgery in Nigeria because Nigeria lacks such kind of hospitals where kidney stones surgery can be done. Only option for me was to get my surgery abroad either in USA or UK, but there the surgery costs were very high forcing me to look on internet for low cost surgery destinations. I found out Indian Healthguru which provides access to Indian hospitals for surgeries like kidney stone surgery at affordable prices. I sent a query regarding my health problem to them who after studying my case details finalized a kidney stone surgery from one of their experts.

I provided the entire documents by email that confirmed the registration of my kidney stone surgery in India. I completed all the formalities and got my surgery arranged in India with the best medical facilities and treatment. In India, I got the best services and treatment, I was provided with care and attention for 24/7 hours by Indian Healthguru as well as trained team of Indian surgeons. This health tourism group provided me with the best international level medical facilities during my stay in India. The surgeons explained each and every aspect about kidney stone surgery. He made me very comfortable during my medical stay. My room was beautiful with all the five star facilities and treatment. The staff of the hospital was also very nice and caring. The entire team of Indian Healthguru took care of me perfectly and I am very happy with the treatment that I got. I am very much satisfied with the results of kidney stone surgery in India. I want to thank Indian Healthguru and his team of Indian Healthguru for their help and support that I got for my kidney stone surgery in India.

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