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Mr. Tyler Smith, USA

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Mr. Tyler Smith, USA
Smile Makeover Surgery

    Low cost smile makeover surgery at Goa in India

“I am Tyler Smith from USA I feel quite happy after my Smile makeover surgery at Goa in India. I had an accident I lost most of my teeth. I could neither smile nor chew food well. My confidence level was also going down day-by-day. I was remarked by everyone for this and sometimes it was very embarrassing for me. My friend told me about Indianhealthguru Consultants in India. I contacted them and collected all the necessary information and sent them all my case details via mail. They were very much up-to-date with their work and highly concerned about my case. The cost of the Smile makeover surgery at Goa in India was very low and affordable and was available at medically advanced hospitals at Goa in India. After getting surgery dates I flew to India with my friend. We were in India on the very next day. I was taken to the hospital directly and I met with the dental surgeon there. He was a very fantastic person and having vast knowledge of dentistry. I would just like to thank Indianhealthguru Consultants and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for making my new dentures so quickly and well. Just after 4 weeks since they were fitted I am eating almost all foods as normal. I can’t begin to say what great service I received. I had a high confidence level now days and really I am feeling like altogether a new person after my Smile makeover surgery at Goa in India. I have passed the name of Indianhealthguru Consultants on to several people including my son who is now planning to get treatment in India. Smile makeover surgery at Goa in India restored back my smile and made my life more comfortable. Thanks to Dr. Bojwani for his recommendation and support.”

Tyler Smith, USA

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