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Australian Patient Success Story Smile Makeover Surgery in Mumbai India

Mrs. Virginia Foster, Australia
Smile Makeover Surgery

“Hello my name is Virginia and I came to India from Australia to undergo Smile Design and Dental Restoration Surgery in Mumbai. I was never fond of the way I smiled as I had crooked teeth. Since I wanted to smile and face people confidently, I wished to undergo a smile makeover surgery. However the cost of the same was very high in Australia and dint find the surgical procedures quite worth the cost. Upon seeing the costs prevailing in Australia for smile makeover surgery, I decided to take treatment from abroad. While I was searching for an ideal country, I came across the website of Indian Health Guru, which as per my research was one of the leading medical tourism firms in India. Impressed with the prompt responses and the testimonials available on their web page, I decided to undergo my surgery with them.

And today after experiencing every aspect of their service, I can say that choosing Indian Health Guru was the best decision as the experts of the firm dint give me a single chance to regret my decision. Starting from my Visa, accommodation, conveyance facility, food and my hassle free journey back home, everything was managed by Indian Health Guru. The hospital in which I was supposed to undergo my surgery was the best Dental Clinic in Mumbai, having teams of the Best Dental Surgeons in Mumbai. Within a week of my arrival, I underwent surgery and it was truly the best experience of my life. The results are extraordinary and my family is astonished to see me carrying my smile so well. It proved to be a very beneficial procedure for me as I was able to gain the best results at an affordable cost.

I thank Indian Healthguru for not only providing the most explicit service covering more than just the basic requirements but also for offering them with sheer compassion and warmth. I remember of times when I actually used to forget that I belong to some other country. It was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to go back home and carry my life forward in a much more confident way.”

Thank you,

Mrs. Virginia Foster,

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