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Cosmetic Smile Design and Dental Restoration Surgery at Mumbai in India

Mrs. Virginia Foster, Australia

Mrs. Virginia Foster, an Australian native got a beautiful smile makeover through smile design and dental restoration surgery at Mumbai in India. Mrs. Virginia came to India for her smile restoration and she is pretty happy with her surgery. She had a wonderful surgery experience with the Indian medical staff and cosmetic dentists. She initially had crooked teeth and wanted to go for a smile makeover after a lot of research over the years. During her research she realized that the cost of cosmetic surgeries in India is very less compared to the other countries. She read some of the testimonials on Indian Heath Guru and came to know that India is leading the world in dentistry with its cost benefits.

The treatment was provided at the fraction of expenses as compared to the prices at her vicinity through Indian health guru, a medical tourism consultancy. The doctors supervising smile design and dental restoration surgery at Mumbai in India are completely professional, humble and are dedicated to make it up to the patient’s expectations. Indian health guru always looks forward in favor of patients and provides them best possible medical service. For most people, an appealing smile is an important part of the overall impression a person makes, Because a healthy smile is the key to happiness, our primary focus is on educating patients about the latest in preventative care. When you decide to have a smile design and dental restoration surgery at Mumbai in India, it is important to take study models and photos to work with the doctor to design the smile to your liking. This is done by first examining the current smile to determine what you like and dislike about it. Then, the experts critically analyze your smile from the more scientific perspective of a trained eye. The parameters a cosmetic dentist would use are: Size and Proportions Smile Line ,Midline and Canting ,Axial Inclination, Incisal Embrasures and Contact Areas ,Emergence Profile and Labial Contour/Anatomy ,Periodontal (Gum) Considerations, Incisal Edge Position ,Shade Selection , Buccal Corridor ,Once all these parameters are considered, the models are altered in wax to simulate your own unique ideal smile. Smile design and dental restoration surgery at Mumbai in India can transform you completely with a beautiful, new, amazing smile.

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