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Keratoconus Surgery – Exceptional Vision In Affordable Price


The importance of the human eye can never be overstated as the eye is the medium through which the whole world is perceived by the human brain. The eye is the one organ without which human living is very hard to carry out as the eye shows us the difference between good things and bad things. The human sense of perception is immensely dependent upon the existence of eye in the human body. Without the eye, depth, height, distance, colour etc. lose have no concept for the human brain to process. It is said that if the eye was calculated in camera pixels, then the eye would have the capacity of 576 megapixels.

What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an eye disorder which can be observed by its distinguishable change in shape of the cornea and the progressive thinning of the cornea as well. Cornea is the thin, white-coloured outer layer of the eye which is normally observed to be in the shape of a semi-circle or dome-shaped. In people suffering from keratoconus, the cornea bulges outwards with the center portion showing considerable thinning, forming a cone like pattern in its process. This change in the shape of cornea may happen quickly or it may happen over a long period of time. These changes can stop at any time, or they may continue to worsen with time.

Why is Treatment Required for Keratconus?

People affected by keratoconus often develop blurry vision, nearsightedness, light sensitivity and other eye-related problems. The abnormality in the shape of cornea prevents the light from proper access into the eye and from being focused correctly on the retina causing a variety of eye related problems. It is observed by researches that keratoconus almost always begins at puberty and is mostly seen in teenagers.

What is the Cause for Keratoconus?

While the particular cause for keratoconus is unknown, researchers implicate that a variety of reasons may influence in the development of keratoconus including environmental, hormonal and/or genetic predisposition. It is also observed that it may be related to chronic eye rubbing. Ten percent of people suffering from keratoconus were observed to have family members who also faced the same disorder. In some cases, it was also observed that the occurrence of keratoconus may be the end result of larger disorders such as sleep apnoea, glaucoma and hay fever.

Treatment for Keratoconus

In its early stages, the solution for keratoconus is quite approachable. With simple eye glasses or softer contact lenses, the disorder may be tackled to avoid further degeneration and worsening of symptoms. But with the progression of the disease and the increase in the thinness of the cornea, with the cornea generally becoming curved towards the outside, spectacles and soft contact lenses may not have much of a desired effect. In such a case, patients may have to be given strong, gas permeable and firm contact lenses or some other kind of lenses that may yield better results than the softer ones. If keratoconus progresses to an advanced level, then a corneal transplant may be the only option left.

Treatment options for people suffering keratoconus


Risks Involved in Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus Risks:

A family history of keratoconus may increase the chances for the development of keratoconus. Certain medical conditions like Down syndrome, retinitis pigmentosa, asthma, hay fever or Danlos syndrome may also influence the progress of keratoconus. An advanced stage of keratoconus may result in corneal hydrops, a condition in which the inner layer of the cornea (Descemet’s membrane). Aqueous fluid escapes into the inner layer before it can reseal itself. The suffering patient may experience pain and clouding vision while the colour of the outside of the cornea turns into a nearly opaque whitish colour. This condition is mostly temporary as the effects increase over the period of nearly 2 months but will almost dissipate by 6 months mark. This seeping of fluid into the inner layer may cause scarring of the cornea worsening vision problems. Although this condition has the capacity for potential scarring of the cornea, ironically it may also benefit a patient by forming a more flat surface of the cornea hence abetting in fitting of the contact lenses.

Keratoconus Treatment Risks:

Although treatments for keratoconus are performed for the improvement in lifestyle and for the general betterment of the patient, it does mean that the procedures are risk-free. In some of the cases, the procedures for keratoconus treatment are painless and easily manageable (e.g. Soft Contact Lenses, Eye-Glasses etc.). But in the cases for advanced keratoconus where the preliminary methods do not work, mild-to-moderately invasive methods (Corneal Cross Linking, Corneal Transplant) are employed. These conditions bring with them a plethora of different complications; Infection of the operated area being one of the risks. The operated area may also show poor healing of the wound. It was also observed that in some cases astigmatism was developed. Another risk is the refractive error of the corrected lenses. A highly problematic risk may be corneal neovascularization or the growth of new blood vessels in the avascular cornea because of oxygen deprivation or the complete rejection of the corneal transplant.

Patient from Angola describes his keratoconus eye treatment experience in India

SemaiBaltazar, Angola

"Hi, I am SemaiBaltazar and I belong to Angola. I came to India for my eye treatment. My eye was getting bad to worse every day and I did not know the reason behind it nor did I know what to do. When I went to the doctors, they told me that I had a mild eye disorder and prescribed eye glasses as a temporary solution. After the eye glasses were ineffective, contact lenses were prescribed as a different solution."

"The progression of the disorder did not stop and the doctors said that I needed an eye operation. I started to look for alternatives for low cost treatment of my illness as the medical facilities in Angola are not good. A close friend suggestedindianhealthguru, a medical tourism company in India. After research, I contacted them and they explained all the procedure for the treatment."

"After I reached India, the doctors took good care of me through the whole treatment procedure and they made sure that all my doubts were cleared. Even during the check-ups following the eye surgery, they were very cordial. If anyone is suffering from any problems, indianhealthguru can help them."

Best 10 Surgeons for Keratoconus Surgery in India

Top 10 Hospitals for Keratoconus Surgery in India

Why is India Preferable for this Treatment?

India is gaining fame across the globe for being the best place to receive highly advanced and affordable treatment. The medical field in India has advanced to such a grand scale that the facilities available are on par or sometimes even better than that of the developed countries. The surgeons present in India are accomplished professionals with huge amounts of experience in their respective fields and also having performed surgeries in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany etc. India is ripe with expert medical specialists providing aid for any and every ailment with the expenditure that is 40-50% of that in the western countries.

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