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Patient from UK: Opinion after her laser dental whitening treatment in India

Emma, a resident of UK was a very bad teeth. Her teeth were dull and pale yellow. After consulting with dentists she came to know that she had to undergo laser dental whitening. But the surgery costs are too high in UK which Emma cannot afford. So she decided to conduct her laser dental whitening treatment in India. India offers excellent medical services to foreign patients like Emma. Laser dental whitening treatment in India is done in cities like Mumbai and Chennai which has some of the finest dental surgery hospitals having state of the art medical infrastructure and having some of the finest dental surgeons.

Laser dental whitening treatment is the most modern dental therapy to get your teeth look white in the most desirable way. Your dentist will complete a thorough dental examination of the enamel-staining pattern of your teeth before starting Laser dental whitening treatment. After having covered your gums to protect them from the chemicals, your dentist will apply tooth whitening gel to your teeth. The scanning laser beam penetrates deep into the stains and detaches the particles from the tooth, even the most stubborn ones ( deep and dark discolorations ) The subsequent selected chemical reaction dissolves the stains without affecting the enamel of the tooth. Laser dental whitening is a painless procedure and side-effects are almost non-existent (some patients might experience a temporary sensitivity but this is extremely rare).

Medical tourism in India is growing at a rapid pace and it poised to become the medical hub of the world. Thousands of medical tourists visit India each year for their treatment like laser dental whitening treatment in India at low cost. Excellent medical services  are offered to the patients at a friendly price. Medical tourism in India offers packages to foreign patients which include medical visa, stay in five star hotel, surgery conduction in finest hospitals and pick and drop facility from the airport.

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