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Abnormal Heart Rhythm Leads to Advanced Cardiac Surgery in India

Mr. Roland Alex Heart - Nigeria
Advanced Cardiac Surgery in India

Mr. Heart is a free spirit person and makes the best of every situation that life has offer. When he received shocking news about his abnormal heart rhythm, he intended to get the best surgery and to recover as fast as he can. Indian Health Guru Consultants, a medical service provider in India helped him to get back to his feet with no post-surgery complications

"Hello I'm Mr.Roland Alex Heart and I came with my wife to India for Radiofrequency Ablation Surgery of my heart. It was a moment of distress and quite a shock when I first received the news from a local doctor in my hometown, Nigeria. It took me a second opinion from another specialist to believe that I have incorrect electrical signals in the organ to cause an abnormal heart rhythm."

"The Cardiac Specialists in Nigeria said that it's something like a tissue or a lump in his heart which is causing incorrect electrical signals leading abnormal heart rhythm. The surgeon asked me to get a cardiac ablation in order to destroy tissues that are allowing incorrect electrical signals to cause an abnormal heart rhythm."

"I had a healthy life and lead a physically active lifestyle. I think that this defect has started stretching its roots in last summer, I was playing with my granddaughter in the tennis court and suddenly I felt like I was just out of breadth on the court, but then I credited it to extreme fatigue, the heat, anything but a heart problem and I thought maybe I'm not young enough. After that incident I have consulted my local physician but the angiogram showed 'all clear' sign. After this a few more episodes with a progressive degree of heart ache and at times even blackouts but we considered it as weakness. I started taking proper care of myself and tried every healthy soup and vegetable in my daily diet and I seriously thought that I have conquered my illness. But just when I thought I have left my fatigue and abnormal heart rhythm problems in the past, I had a major episode I don't remember much but I felt unsteady, lightheaded, and unable to do anything. My inconsistent, pounding heartbeats came on recurrently and lasted around a few minutes to 36 hours and would suddenly stop."

"We consulted to a few local cardiac specialists just to confirm the diagnosis and when the diagnosis was confirmed, I insisted to get the best treatment to get better as soon as I can and I knew that Nigeria might lack in the most advanced healthcare facilities. When we searched for medical tourism companies online, Indian Health Guru Consultants seemed to be the most genuine and promising one. So, we decide to go with their services. We just loved the way they work, the transparency and the packages they offer for their services are very cost effective as compared to the surgery charges in developed countries."

"The coordinator assured us positive outcome and when I met my operating surgeon every little doubt was perpetually solved. Though I was very confident of the surgery, I was a little nervous and after the surgery's success I left with no other doubt and I really appreciate all the efforts of the hospital to make us comfortable and Indian Health Guru Consultants for their undivided attention and support."

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