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Nigerian Patient Success Story Heart Pacemaker Surgery in India

Mr. Raymond, Nigeria
Heart Pacemaker Surgery

Cardiac Failure Device Treating Spontaneous Arrhythmias in India

Mr. Raymond visited India for his mother’s Cardiac failure device implant as his mom was having a problem of irregular heart beats since three years. He is a local of Nigeria and his family doctor told him to get the treatment done in India for his mother. Doctor told him about Indian Health guru consultants in India and its huge success rate. The only treatment was to get Cardiac Failure Device implanted, a pacemaker or Defibrillator. Indian Health guru consultants made all the arrangements for getting the treatment done in India.

Mr. Raymond said “My mom was suffering from severe pain and it was unbearable and the doctor told that she was suffering from arrhythmias. My doctor referred me to Indian Health guru consultants. It’s the best medical services consultant in India. My mom was shifted to a good hospital. Indian Health guru consultants made all the arrangement for us from consulting a doctor till the surgery was done. After undergoing a series of tests the doctor conformed that my mom needs to get a cardiac failure device implanted for better heart condition.

Cardiac Failure Device implant surgery is often done using a local anesthetic and the person returns home the same day. Occasionally, a patient might be admitted to the hospital for a day. The surgical procedure includes these steps: An incision is made for the pacemaker (This may be on either side of the chest or in the abdomen). The leads are inserted into a vein and guided to the heart. The leads are connected to the Cardiac Failure Device. The Cardiac Failure Device and leads are tested. The incision is closed. The Cardiac Failure Device is programmed. The entire procedure for Cardiac Failure Device implantation may take about 2 hours. You will be instructed remain fasting for 10 - 12 hours before the surgery.

Post Cardiac failure device implant surgery my mom was there at the hospital for 2 days in IUC for 24x7 under observation. They took care of my mom in a holistic manner and she was ready to go home after that. I really appreciate Indian Health guru consultants for providing us such a nice service away from our home country. And now my mom’s life has changed a lot. She is living a normal life as before without any complication”.

Thank you,

Mr. Raymond

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