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Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery in India at Advanced Healthcare Facilities - Video

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery in India is available at advanced healthcare facilities in metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi at a reasonable price. International standards for medical practitioners in India ensure that both doctors and nurses are working to global requirements and demonstrate the highest-level of quality care for laparoscopic Hernia Surgery in India. The years of experience and specialized knowledge of the Indian surgeons in the medical field provide the highest quality of referral and coordination services for laparoscopic Hernia Surgery in India. The primary purpose of the Indian hospitals is to provide a professional package of skilled specialists and dedicated nursing and administration staff, along with high grade equipment and pharmaceutical products to every patient.

A hernia occurs when the inside layers of the abdominal muscle have weakened, resulting in a bulge or tear. In the same way that an inner tube pushes through a damaged tire, the inner lining of the abdomen pushes through the weakened area of the abdominal wall to form a small balloon-like sac. This can allow a loop of intestine or abdominal tissue to push into the sac. The hernia can cause severe pain and other potentially serious problems that could require emergency surgery.

Causes of hernia

Symptoms of hernia


In this video once the anesthesia has taken effect, the area around the hernia is cleaned thoroughly with an antiseptic solution to prevent postoperative infection.

Instead of one long incision, in laparoscopic hernia surgery four or five tiny incisions are made in the area around the hernia. The surgeon makes an incision near the location of the hernia. For an inguinal hernia, the incision is made just above the crease where the abdomen meets the thigh. To repair an umbilical hernia, it is made close to the navel. If the hernia has occurred at the site of a previous operation, the incision from that surgery is reopened. The incisions in laparoscopic hernia surgery will extend through the skin, subcutaneous fat, and allow the surgeon to get to the level of the defect. A laparoscope connected to a special camera is inserted through a cannula, a small hollow tube, allowing the surgeon to view the hernia and surrounding tissue on a video screen. The hernia sac is carefully opened and the intestine or other tissue is placed back inside the abdomen. The weakened area is repaired and reinforced with a synthetic mesh or a suture that pulls the abdominal muscle tissue back together. In case of a hole in the abdomen a small piece of surgical mesh is placed over the hernia defect and held in place with small surgical staples. After the laparoscopic hernia surgery ends the incisions are closed with surgical sutures.

Recovery post laparoscopic Hernia Surgery in India

laparoscopic Hernia Surgery in India not only saves the patient a lot of money but also gives them access to the professional approach of the medical team combined with a good prospect for recuperation. laparoscopic Hernia Surgery in India is done with highest level of professional service and quality personal care using the most advanced and modern applications in medical skills and technology available. Indian Healthguru Group is committed to assist the patients to take a better decision when planning a medical trip & at the same time to guide the patients through the whole process.

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