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Get Low Cost Dental Treatment at the Best Dental Clinics in Kerala from the Top Dental Surgeons


When you've got dental pain, it's hard to think about anything else. Oral health and dental care is a part of healthcare and any malfunction in this region needs to be taken care by seeking proper advice and dental treatment in Kerala. If you are feeling self conscious about the way you look or you find it difficult to eat normally due to missing or damaged teeth then contact us to get affordable Dental implant cost in Kerala. This will help you to look, feel and function in a similar way to your natural teeth. Dental surgery in Kerala involves a number of medical procedures that artificially modified dentition. To get Low cost dental treatment at best clinics in Kerala contact us by sending your query.

Dental Treatment in Kerala

The dental treatment in Kerala involves the routine dental treatment procedures such as extraction, tooth color fillings and other aesthetic restorations, Oral Prophylaxis – Scaling (dental cleaning), Periodontal procedures, Removable partial dentures, Removable orthodontic appliances, Root-canal treatment, Complete dentures, Preventive dental procedures, Crown & bridge procedures, etc.

Other specialized treatment procedures include the following:

Best Dental Clinics in Kerala

The best dental clinics have experience top dental surgeons in Kerala who specializes in various dental treatments such as dental implants, smile correction, laser dentistry, etc. They have advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities with an attached dental lab and imaging facilities. They provide the advanced anaesthesia techniques for a pain free dental treatment procedures for both children and adults.

Our best dental clinics in Kerala provide strict sterilization and disinfection protocols. They offer provisions for continued treatment outside the state and the country, hence a large number of patients from India and abroad travel to Kerala for their dental treatments. Get in touch with us to book your appointment at the best dental implant clinic in Kerala.

The top dental hospitals in Kerala has advanced facilities that perform the entire spectrum of dental and facio-maxillary treatments ranging from basic procedures to complex dental procedures such as the orthodontic treatment, dental implants, smile designing etc. Further they also perform the complex facio-maxillary surgery procedures including cosmetic jaw surgery.

List of Top Dental Clinics and Hospitals in Kerala

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Top Dental Surgeons in Kerala

Our team of highly experienced and top dental surgeons in Kerala is highly skilled and knows about the latest techniques in dental surgery. The best dentists in Kerala are at par with the international standards. The top dental surgeons in Kerala are capable to handle all types of dental treatments in Kerala. Our panel of experts also includes the best child dentists in Kerala.

List of Best Dentists and Dental Surgeons in Kerala

Dental Tourism in Kerala

Most overseas patients prefer dental tourism in Kerala and have a wonderful holiday at the beaches, back waters, hill stations, wild life and other tourist spots. The strict law and order enforcement, 100% literacy rate and the health indices in the state is at par with the WHO standards which makes the dental implant tourism in Kerala very safe. Spending days in Kerala for your vacation is as if spending time in an air purified environment which has rejuvenating effect. Get consultation for dental tourism in Kerala by contact us to get low cost dental implants in Kerala.

Low cost dental treatment in Kerala

The low cost dental treatment in Kerala attracts most international patients seeking their dental vacations in Kerala, India. This helps them to save money on dental work and have a refreshing vacation at the same time. Get in touch with us to know the cost of root canal in Kerala.

Ms. Cathy Gayle from the UK shares her experience of getting Dental Treatment done in Kerala, India

Ms. Cathy Gayle

Indian Health Guru is a commendable group providing Excellent services to patients who are in need of the right guidance in planning medical trips to India. Being an entrepreneur I have to often travel to different countries across the globe. Few months back I was in Kerala to attend a conference and was scheduled to travel to Dubai and South Africa for business related meetings. As I still had few days in Kerala I thought of making the most of my time and visiting a dentist as well.

After a lot of research over the Internet I came across Indian Health Guru. I called on the given contact number to get some information though I did not expect any great service. But I was completely amazed by their service, within 15-20 minutes I was sent all the Information about the dentist, his credentials and address. My consultation with the dentist was arranged on the same day. I was completely satisfied and confident about what I was explained in regards to the All on 4 procedures I was undergoing. I underwent the dental treatment in Kerala and the results were awesome. I love my smile a lot more now and I have recommended Indian Health Guru to my friends who have plans to travel to Kerala.

Why Choose Kerala for Dental Surgery?

Dental surgery in Kerala is done by the top dental surgeons at the best dental clinics. Our group has been assisting the international patients by providing them dental treatments in Kerala at affordable prices. We correspond with the patients over email till we get a clear idea of the problems they have and also provide them access to our panel of dentists in Kerala.

We provide low cost dental treatment in Kerala to our patients and also help them with travel, stay, transport arrangements during their dental tourism in Kerala. Our patients get appointment at the excellent infrastructure from a highly experienced team of dental surgeons. We also help the patients who wish to undertake sightseeing or take short trips to experience the beaches, countryside and mountains during their stay in Kerala.

We also offer provisions to witness the traditional art forms of Kerala including Kathakali, Mohiniyattom and other classical music and dance performances if our international patients wish so. We also have provisions to offer transport in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles to our patients including the Airport pickup and drop-back.

In case you need to undergo smile correction procedures, then send us the front and side views of your face with lips in rest position and smiling. Also send us your scanned copies of passports and Indian Visa. If you are seeking dental treatment in Kerala, send us your query by filling up our consultation form.

To get free no obligation Quote For Dental Surgery and Treatment in Kerala, India:
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Phone Numbers Reach Us-
India & International : +91-9860755000 / +91-9371136499
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