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Advanced and Economic Maxillary and Mandibular Surgery in India


The skull might be considered one of the most important bones in the body as it houses the processing unit of the human body – the Brain. The most important bones that make up the skull are Maxilla, Mandible, Frontal bones, Nasal bones and Zygoma (the arch of the cheek). It is said that the human jaw is one of the strongest, if not the strongest bones in the human body. The jaw is definitely the strongest bone in the human skull and the hardest bone in the human body as a whole. The efficiency of the human jaw is also exclaimed to be better than that of our cousins, the apes. This means that the bite strength of the humans may be more than that of the apes. The human bone has a miraculous strength instilled in it which makes it stronger than some steel. When the comparison it made for pound to pound tensile strength between steel and human bone, the human bone far exceeds the strength of that the steel.

Maxilla (Maxillary) and Mandible (Mandibular)

The maxilla is the upper jaw that is formed from the fusing of two maxillary bones. The hard palate in the front of the mouth is also included in the upper jaw. It is a considered a vital viscerocranium structure of the skull. Other than just the palate, it also helps in the formation of the orbit and the nose, while also holding the upper teeth and has a very important significance in the process for communication.

The mandible is the lower jaw or the jawbone in the human face. It is the strongest and the lowest bone in the skull. It is the only mobile cranial bone and is the most massive bone in the face. It is a single bone which is connected to the skull via the temporomandibular joint. It plays a very important role in the everyday tasks of humans such as speech, expression and chewing. Like the maxilla, the mandible also acts as a receptacle for the lower teeth. It along with the maxilla forms the structure of the mouth.

Maxillary and Mandibular Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons deal with the injuries, defects of the neck, jaws, head or face and issues of the hard and soft tissue of the oral (mouth) region. Different disorders relating to the maxilla and the mandibular also come under the maxillofacial (jaws & face) specialty. An oral maxillofacial surgeon will deal with treatments for the mouth, jaws, skull, face and the related area with the addition of the entire craniomaxillofacial complex.


Why have Maxillary and Mandibular Surgery?

Maxillary Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgeries are used to treat a plethora of issues faced by people. These procedures deal with the treatments for the head and but they do not include the treatment for any conditions of the brain. Operations of the salivary glands, facial trauma, deformities of the face or complex cancer operations are also carried through these surgeries. Some of the issues treated with maxillofacial surgeries are

Mandibular Surgery

Mandibular surgeries deal with the problems of the lower jaw. They deal with issues like facial disproportion, correction of a deformed jaw or face, improper bite in general. If the problem is just in the teeth then surgeon can easily correct any bite or alignment problems of the jaw without having to perform complex re-structural procedures on the patient. If the alignment of the jaws is awry, then an orthognathic surgery may be the only solution for the condition for the correction of skeletal deformity. Some of the disorders that are treated using mandibular surgery are

Risks involved in Maxilla and Mandible surgery

Like any other medical procedure, undergoing oral and/or maxillofacial surgery come with its fair share of risks and complications. As the patients undergo a variety of different procedures for different types of disorders such as wisdom tooth removal, tooth extraction, jaw re-structuring, TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction), root canals, bone grafting and many more, not everyone experiences the same type of after-effect. Some of the risks involved in these procedures are

UK patients prefer to have their dental treatments in India

Sarah Johnson, UK
Lower Jaw Surgery

"Hello, my name is Sarah Johnson and I am from the UK. I am feeling very happy after the incredible treatment I received for my dental issue. I was born with an extended lower jaw. My upper jaw seemed so much far behind the lower jaw that the students in my middle school used to tease me. Now that I am grown up, I decided that I should end this torment when the tide is high."

"When I showed it to the dental experts in the UK, they said that I would need a jaw bone reconstruction surgery and that it would be expensive even after insurance coverage. I could not afford so much. I started to look for an alternative. After a lot of research, I came across Indian healthguru, a medical tourism in India."

"I made an appointment and they were very helpful and explained everything about the procedure. I was very convinced with their expertise. So I decided to go forward with them. The doctors cleared all of my doubts with patience. Even after the surgery, they took very good care of me."

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Why choose India to Undergo Oral and Maxillofacial Treatments?

India is gaining fame around the world for being the best place to undergo any type of medical treatment. The technological advancements in the medical field in India are on par or better than that of the developed countries in the world. The surgeons have the expertise to perform a plethora of different procedures and with the latest of technologies. And the best thing about having any medical procedure in India is receiving the most modern services by immensely experienced specialists at a very low price.

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