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Mr. Persad’s Step Towards a Healthy Heart

Mr. Rajkumar Persad - Trinidad & Tobago
Cardiac Bypass Surgery in India

Fundamentally, when the blood supply to the heart is ruptured then the heart cells commence dying. And when the heart cells lead to the path of death, they cause the symptoms of heart attack to appear.

Mr. Rajkumar Persad began to have discomfort in his chest. He felt stomach ache and heartburn. Gradually it came to throat pain and nausea. When he shared this with his brother, he got to know that these symptoms could get him serious heart trouble.

His senior in the office had bypass surgery and told him about Indian Healthguru and their services. Mr. Persad called the Team Indian Healthguru for more statistics. From them, he gained information regarding the best cardiologist at Delhi in India.

He asked for additional support. The supportive team arranged an appointment for him with the cardiologist. Additionally, they gave him the pick and drop convenience from the airport to the reserved accommodation and for the hospital visits.

Cardiac bypass surgery is a technical method of reinforcement of normal blood course to a clogged artery. This is not done by the circulatory system.

Mr. Persad made a visit to the doctor. The doctor listened to him regarding his symptoms he was suffering from. The doctor commended him to undergo few physical examinations to help the cardiologist get a precise picture of his health.

The tests included the blood samples, chest X-ray, angiogram, and electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG).

The doctor planned the surgery with his team after reviewing his reports and accordingly decided a day within those ten days. Before that he prescribed some medicines and a diet plan which Mr. Persad needed to follow. The pre-operational had started with the new medications and nutrition.

He was assured by the doctor that he would get healthy pretty soon as there were no complications in his case. But in such situational anyone could get tensed and the same was going on in his mind. He was anxious and nervous about his surgery.

When the surgery day arrived, Mr. Persad and his brother were really bothered. They took him to the operation theatre and his brother waited at the foyer area. Constantly, he chanted prayers for his brother’s health. The time was hard to pass. He kept an eye on the clock there and waited for the surgery to end.

He ran towards the doctor, the moment he came out of the operation theatre. The surgery was fruitful and they were going to discharge Mr. Persad within five days. But for those five days and an additional six months, few precautions needed to be followed for his heart to be healthy forever.

The stay in the hospital was highly satisfying as the staff of the hospital was dedicated towards their work. With a healthy heart, Mr. Persad thanked the cardiologist, the team, and the staff on duty as well.

Both Mr. Persad and his brother were pleased with the services of Indian Healthguru Consultants.

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