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Pterygium Treatment at cost effective rate in India-video

Of late most of the Indian hospitals have eminent ophthalmologists as consultants for the pterygium treatment. It’s the reputation of these ophthalmologists that has made India a popular destination for pterygium treatment. Pterygium treatment in India is done using the latest medical technology. And it is priced at almost a fraction of the cost when compared to the West. The reason why people prefer pterygium treatment in India because of the availability of latest equipments and technology.

Pterygium most often refers to a benign growth of the conjunctiva and commonly grows from the nasal side of the sclera. It is associated with, and thought to be caused by ultraviolet-light exposure, low humidity, and dust. The predominance of pterygia on the nasal side is possibly a result of the sun's rays passing laterally through the cornea where it undergoes refraction and becomes focused on the limbic area. Sunlight passes unobstructed from the lateral side of the eye, focusing on the medial limbus after passing through the cornea. On the contra lateral side, however, the shadow of the nose medially reduces the intensity of sunlight focused on the lateral/temporal limbus.

Causes of pterygium

Symptoms of pterygium


There are two types of procedures for the removal of pterygium:

Ms. Joanne Semilogo from Africa shares her experience of Pterygium Treatment done in India

Ms. Joanne Semilogo

Eye problems can be really bothersome as rubbing the eyes make the ailments grow more rapidly and their treatment usually takes lots of time. Pterygium or eye web as it is commonly referred to can be easily treated with eye drops but there is a lot of care that you would need to take along with using the drops and the doctors at Indian Health Guru ensures that the treatment is implemented precisely so that the tissues do not grow up to the eye ball. And in case it does grow to that limit, the solution is to undergo surgery for which the doctors are fully equipped.

Risks associated with pterygium treatment

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