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Master Mohamed Elsadeg Mohamed Ahmed Saad - Sudan
Cardiac Surgery in India

Mr. for very long time had been experiencing discomfort in his chest. He was also feeling choked while doing any physical exercise. He realised that there is some problem and went to the hospital and tried to get it sorted. He lived in Sudan where this procedure was available but in a very primitive manner.

Citing that there can be a serious complication if he was not treated on time, he was trying to find a better doctor and better treatment opportunity. His son while researching found about the good cardiology scope in India and thus he found about Indian Healthguru on surfing more.

On surfing further he found out that Indian Healthguru is a prominent medical tourism company in India which has had a good experience in the field and the reviews were also very positive. He also read about the comfort and the assurance of an easy and affordable travel that Indian Healthguru is providing them. Seeing this he quickly had a talk and therefore eventually Indian Healthguru had taken care of all the needs and requirements for them to come to India and recommended them the best cardiologists in the country.

Post deciding on the best doctor they reached the city and the doctor had given them certain physical examination test like electrocardiogram, stress test etc. After the physical examination, the doctor studied the reports and recommended them certain procedures that they could go around. The cardiac surgery happened as soon as the patient was comfortable.

Mr. Elsadig then underwent the cardiac surgery that was completed very successfully post which he had to stay in the hospital for a few days. During his stay, he was taken complete care of whether it was his diet or his daily requirements. The team at Indian Healthguru took care by assuring that he has no problem in the hospital as well as Indian Healthguru was also in touch with the hospital in order to handle all the monetary and technical requirements without troubling the patient or his family.

From the travel to the stay and from the reference to the best cardiologist to the entire monetary management, everything was handled flawlessly by Indian Healthguru. At the end, Mr. and his family were very happy and satisfied with the treatment and the services provided by the team here which assured that they were not facing any stress during their entire stay and treatment in India.

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