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Surgery India Testimonials

Mr. Moriba Kamara - Seirra Leone

Giving Vision to Life with a Perfect Solution to Glaucoma

Mr. Moriba Kamara, a citizen of Sierra Leone, began to suffer from a simple headache that grew severe. Gradually that pain went to eyes. His eyes started to feel heavy... Read More

Mr. Rajkumar Persad - Trinidad & Tobago

Cardiac Bypass Surgery in India

Mr. Rajkumar Prasad began to have discomfort in his chest. He felt stomach ache and heartburn. Gradually it came to throat pain and nausea. When he shared this with his brother, he got to know that these symptoms could get him serious heart trouble... Read More

Master Mohamed Elsadeg Mohamed Ahmed Saad - Sudan

Gifting the Risk Free Life Again

Mr. for very long time had been experiencing discomfort in his chest. He was also feeling choked while doing any physical exercise. He realised that there is some problem and went to the hospital and tried to get it sorted... Read More

Mrs. Virginia Foster - Australia

Australian native’s cosmetic smile design and dental restoration surgery at Mumbai in India with advanced dental care

Mrs. Virginia Foster, an Australian native got a beautiful smile makeover through smile design and dental restoration surgery at Mumbai in India... Read More

Ms. Elicia Robertson - USA

American dental patient gets low cost smile makeover surgery at Mumbai in India

Ms. Elicia Robertson, an American patient was not happy with the aesthetic aspects of her smile so she visited India for smile makeover treatment through Indian Healthguru... Read More

Mr. Musa - Nigeria

Kidney stone surgery in India helped me to recover at a pocket friendly cost budget

Hello my name is Musa from Nigeria. I got my kidney stone surgery in India through Indian Healthguru. I was having kidney stones and was desperate to get it removed through surgery... Read More

Mr. Uchendu - Nigeria

Urology Surgery Hospitals India with latest Infrastructure

I am Uchendu and I am a native of Nigerian country. I referred many websites for low cost urology surgery, when I have decided to go for health issue and after a lot of research and spending a lot of time on Internet I finally found Indian Health Guru website where I received complete information for my surgery and about top Indian surgeons for urology surgery... Read More

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